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July 31 2014


Harkland Talks About Their Upcoming Album

July 02 2014

Growing up on the 90′s Alternative bands such as Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls, Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, etc., there’s certainly a level of influence based on that style of music, but we ultimately plan on releasing an album that blends the Alternative, Folk, and Rock genres.  We can tell you that we’re looking to record with a multitude of different instruments on this record including mandolin, banjo, guitar, bass, keys, drums, and maybe even some cello if Rob is feeling up to it.  Our rhythm section has always been one of our strongest suits, so we can promise some extremely moving music.  This record will be filled with relatable lyrics, melodic harmonies, tasty solos, gang vocals, and varying tempos.  Every element that we enjoy in the music we listen to we are incorporating into the songs we are writing.

One of our biggest inspirations currently is the band NEEDTOBREATHE out of South Carolina if that tells you anything about the path that our music has taken a turn for and we’re beyond excited to show you what we’ve been working on.

Harkland will be releasing singles off of our (untitled) album during summer of 2014 and plan on recording their first full-length album come 2015!

Harkland: The story behind the name

July 02 2014

Harkland is the name created by rhythm guitarist and front-man Paulie Knakk in early 2014 days before the band released their first demo.  Prior to the name Harkland, the band was named the “Paulie Knakk Band”.  Paulie explains,

“At the time, all of the members were from varying genres and musical backgrounds so Harkland made sense.  I’ve always had a problem with using my name in my band name..I’ve always wanted to be part of a group.  We were originally going to name the band “Parkland” which is the name of a town nearby.  Rolling with the name Parkland would have given us some attachment to our hometown roots, but being that the word “hark” means “to listen” it made much more sense and made it that much more unique.  I like to think that Harkland means “land of the listeners”..Everyone is part of the land of the listeners.”